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We wanted to share an inspirational story that we learned about through Krissy Moriarty, a tax director here at tonneson + co. Krissy’s niece, Bella Adlah, is a 10th grade student who started a program called Have Fun & Stay Strong where she partners with hospitals to make Fun Packages for children who are in the hospital. These Fun Packages are filled with age-appropriate activities like stickers, stuffed animals, legos, and many more items. So far, Bella has partnered with more than 20 hospitals! She has delivered hundreds of Fun Packages, with many more still to be filled.

When Krissy made us aware of her niece’s initiative, our firm made a donation, as did many of our tonneson + co staff, and she sent us all a very nice thank you note:

Bella was featured in an article in The Reading Post where she shared, “I was excited to finally be at the age where I could volunteer at a hospital, but then COVID came and that was not possible. So, I was trying to think of ways I could still give back to local hospitals… I started thinking about ways I could make kids smile while dealing with being in the hospital and thought a care package of fun things would be helpful.”

Bella was also featured in a recent Fox25 News video segment, which you can watch here.

To learn more about Bella’s efforts, or to learn how you can help, visit her Have Fun and Stay Safe website. The website has links to a Venmo account as well as to an Amazon Wishlist for those who are interested in donating.

It really is amazing what can be accomplished when someone has a kind heart and a good idea. We applaud Bella for all of her efforts, and we look forward to seeing what Have Fun & Stay Strong will accomplish in the future!


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