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Welcome, recent or soon-to-be grads 🙌 Are you looking for a company that will help you kickstart your career and unleash your full potential? Look no further! Our 🔥 firm is the perfect place for talented and ambitious individuals like you.

Interested in interning? Scroll down to learn more about our internship program and how to apply. Ready to enter the workforce for real? Keep scrolling for our tips on landing the job of your dreams!

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Our internship program is designed to help you contribute to our client engagements while obtaining professional experience through hands-on and meaningful work. Tonneson + Co interns work closely with a core team of managers who offer mentorship and guidance both professionally and personally.

Each intern is assigned a buddy to work closely with over the course of the internship. This buddy is typically an entry-level associate and acts as a mentor and sounding board for guidance, questions, and support during your time at Tonneson + Co. They were in your shoes just recently, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions! We don’t just offer internships in audit and tax. Tonneson has expanded to include client services and marketing internships.

Get experience, learn the ropes, and make friends.

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Thrive Guide for Grads

Connect with your coworkers

Our staff is always here to answer your questions. We thrive on being a connected team, and we invite collaboration at all levels. At Tonneson + Co, your input is valued and encouraged—but you don’t just have to connect about work. We encourage our staff to get to know each other as people, too.

Learn to work in a hybrid environment

Whether you are an intern or a first-year associate, you will get to experience what it’s like to work in a hybrid environment at Tonneson + Co. This will let you experience the dynamics of an in-office environment and learn how to juggle that with working from home.

Find what you are passionate about outside of work

We think it’s great that you’re excited to prove yourself, but we encourage you to get involved with organizations, clubs, committees, and teams outside of work, too. By spending time making a difference, your impact on your community will grow right alongside your career.

Always take care of yourself

We stan the well-being of our teams. Be mindful of how you are feeling, both physically and emotionally, and reach out for help when you need it. Balancing a new career, family, friends, and relationships can seem overwhelming, but trust us, you’ve got this!


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Our HR team put together a video series of insider tips and tricks to help. From crafting the perfect resume to asking the right questions, you’ll learn everything you need to boost your confidence and wow the hiring team. This isn't your average HR seminar — we're all about giving you that main character energy 👏 ! We want you to walk into your interview feeling like the star of your own success story. And with our helpful tips, you will.

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