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In the age of globalization, your financial landscape isn’t confined to national borders—but navigating international taxation can be challenging. Whether you’re a corporation with global aspirations or an individual with footprints around the world, our International Tax Services experts can provide guidance tailored to your unique cross-border situation.

If your company is expanding into the United States or abroad, we can guide you through the labyrinth of double tax treaties, foreign tax credits, international transfer pricing, and more. With our expertise, you can confidently make informed decisions that align with your global growth strategies while staying in compliance with multinational tax laws.

For individuals with assets or income in multiple counties, we understand the nuances of tax residence, foreign income exclusion, and the tax obligations associated with overseas assets. If you’re an expatriate, digital nomad, or frequent traveler, we can simplify your global journeys with sound and strategic tax planning.

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Services we provide for international businesses and individuals include:

General Business Services

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Assistance with in-country service providers (e.g., banking, legal, and payroll)
  • Business tax
  • Assurance services

Corporate Business Tax Services:

  • International Tax Planning
  • International Foreign Tax Return Compliance (including GILTI, BEAT FDII)
  • Income Tax Treaty Interpretation
  • Global Transfer Pricing Strategies
    • Benchmark studies and creation of Master and Local Files
    • Consulting services on creation of a transfer pricing program
  • Review and potential restructuring of Corporate Entity Structures
  • Taxation of the Digital Economy
  • Country by Country Reporting

Individual Global Mobility Tax Services:

  • Individual Tax Planning and Compliance
  • US Taxation Strategies for Nonresident Individuals (including Steamliners)
  • Tax Equalization Plans
  • Social Security Taxation Issues
  • Exit Tax and Renouncing of Citizenship
  • FBAR Compliance
  • PFIC Strategies

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Pleasure to work with

We have been doing business with Tonneson for over seven years.  Their team is easy to work with and very punctual at meeting deadlines. They are very knowledgeable and informative. On my behalf, I work closely with Joe Lanzi, Rick Mastrocola, and Marie Doucette. They are a pleasure to work with. Our Controller interacts with several members of the audit and tax teams and is very pleased with the services they provide.
—Charlie Masiello | Director, Crystal Motor Express

Valuable business partner

We’ve been working with the team at Tonneson + Co for over 35 years. Their work is timely and accurate, and they are a pleasure to work with. Their team stays current on tax and estate laws, always putting client concerns first. Tonneson is a valuable business partner, playing a key role in our success.

—Michael Tamasi | President & CEO, Accurounds

Financial experts

We have been a client of Tonneson since 1988. We are a small family Logistics company that requires specific financial needs. We have always relied on Tonneson to provide the financial expertise necessary to secure the financing for working capital and equipment purchases. We have gone through several audits and because of the detailed auditing process that Tonneson provides, our experience has been painless. They have been responsive to all our requests and needs. Our business continues to grow and knowing we have Tonneson as our financial partner makes the journey a little easier.

—Michael O'Brien | CEO, Eagle Air Freight, Inc.

Sound financial advice

We have been a client of Tonneson for four decades. We have always received sound financial advice and excellent accounting services over the years. We consider Tonneson to be one of our highly trusted partners.

—Steven Tamasi | President, Boston Centerless

Valued and strategic partner

I consider Tonneson a valued and strategic partner of Signet.

—Bradford Caron | President, Signet

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