Wanny Baez


Tax Partnerships S-Corps

Headshot of Wanny Baez, a Manager at Tonneson and Co.

Wakefield, MA

Wanny is a highly skilled manager at Tonneson, specializing in tax services. He joined the firm’s tax department in 2021, bringing with him over 11 years of professional experience. Wanny’s expertise lies in tax, particularly in working with Partnerships and S-Corps. He has developed a strong skill set in tax planning and consulting, particularly for clients in the private equity industry. In his role, Wanny utilizes his extensive experience, knowledge, and excellent interpersonal skills to provide high-quality work to his clients. He understands the importance of building trusting relationships and consistently delivers exceptional results. Wanny approaches each project with a commitment to leveraging his expertise and finding optimal solutions for his clients’ unique tax scenarios.

Wanny holds a BS in accounting from Suffolk University and a MS in business taxation from the University of Southern California. He values every opportunity to learn from his clients’ diverse tax situations and is dedicated to continuous professional growth. As a team player, Wanny actively engages in the challenges and rewards that come with being a tax professional.

Get to know Wanny Baez

Wanny finds motivation in his family, the opportunity to help others, and making a positive impact in the world. Outside of work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. Wanny also prioritizes his physical well-being by engaging in regular workouts. He has a passion for traveling and exploring new places, which allows him to broaden his horizons and gain new experiences. Additionally, he finds enjoyment in running and staying active.