Robbin Ayer

Operations Manager


Sales Operations
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Headshot of Robbin Ayer, an Operations Manager at Tonneson and Co.

Wakefield, MA

Robbin Ayer is an Operations Manager at Tonneson who joined the firm in 2023. With over 20 years of professional experience, Robbin brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous role in the SaaS industry. There, she successfully managed sales operations for diverse teams of sales professionals, working with various software companies. Additionally, she provided strategic account marketing initiatives to esteemed customers within Adobe’s C-Suite. She earned a BA in political science with a concentration in public policy from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Robbin is driven by her desire to make a positive impact and effect meaningful change, no matter the scale. She excels in streamlining and simplifying processes and organizations, bringing efficiency and effectiveness to the forefront.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Robbin has a passion for gardening and all things horticulture. With an abundance of plants at home, she has ventured into sharing her green thumb by planting and propagating for friends and family. Music also holds a special place in her heart, and she finds joy in enjoying the melodies that resonate with her. Outside of her professional pursuits, Robbin dedicates her time to volunteering for various organizations, including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Catie’s Closet, MassCPAs, St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and the Salvation Army. Her passion for giving back to the community is an integral part of her life.

Get to know Robbin Ayer

When she's not immersed in work or her hobbies, Robbin cherishes quality time with her loved ones. She resides in Reading, MA, alongside her husband and their loyal canine companion. With her grown children nearby, she relishes the joy of being part of her large and extended family.