Marie Doucette

Executive Assistant


Project Management
Communication and Collaboration

Headshot of Marie Doucette, an Executive Assistant at Tonneson and Co.

Wakefield, MA

Marie is a seasoned professional who joined Tonneson’s admin department in 1987. With over 52 years of professional experience, Marie is the go-to executive assistant for the President and CEO of Tonneson. Her role involves managing relationships both internally with Tonneson staff and externally with clients and referral sources. Whether it’s coordinating schedules, setting up meetings, or processing insurance premiums, Marie’s exceptional attention to detail and timeliness make her a valuable asset to the team.

Marie’s exemplary interpersonal and communication skills, coupled with her positive outlook, make her someone that the entire team relies on. She’s the secret ingredient that keeps everything in harmony, ensuring that Tonneson continues to thrive. Marie is the person you can count on to handle complex schedules, build meaningful relationships, or make things happen seamlessly.

Get to know Marie Doucette

When she's not busy keeping things running smoothly at work, she's out enjoying life to the fullest. You'll find her walking, running, fishing, and exploring new destinations. And when it comes to travel, Marie's wanderlust knows no bounds. Hawaii has captured her heart, and she's been lucky enough to visit the stunning islands a whopping 14 times!