Logan Luongo

Marketing Manager


Strategic Marketing
Graphic Design
Event Management

Logan Luongo

Wakefield, MA

Logan Luongo is a highly skilled Marketing expert who joined Tonneson’s marketing department in 2021.  With over eight years of professional experience, she manages the marketing department, bringing a wealth of expertise to Tonneson. Logan’s key responsibilities include leadership, brand management, and marketing strategy. In this role, she oversees all graphic design, social media and digital marketing, event management, content development, communications, CRM development, business development, marketing plan implementation, and creative design.

She also oversees internal and external marketing communications, targeting employees, potential hires, potential clients, referral sources, and circles of influence.

Logan earned a BS in hospitality management with a concentration in events from Endicott College. She is an active member of esteemed organizations such as the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), and the MassCPAs. Additionally, Logan holds positions as the 2025 AAM Summit Marketing Chair, and serves as co-chair for the MassCPAs Marketing Committee.

Motivated by personal and professional growth, Logan is driven to expand her knowledge and skill set while making a positive impact and adding value to everything she is a part of. With her passion for marketing and her commitment to personal and professional development, Logan contributes to the success of Tonneson’s marketing efforts, ensuring the firm’s message reaches its intended audience and making a positive impact in the process.

Get to know Logan Luongo

Outside of work, Logan previously devoted her time to teaching dance to middle school and high school-level kids, which continues to be a significant influence in her life. She hails from Medford, MA, and enjoys exploring new restaurants in the Boston area with friends. Spending quality time with her family on Cape Cod is also a cherished part of her life. Logan's goal is to travel to every state in the country, with 19 out of 50 already accomplished. Having friends across the country makes achieving this goal more attainable.