Erin Coco


Assurance services
Independent private schools
Privately-held companies
Construction contractors

Headshot of Erin Coco, a Shareholder at Tonneson and Co.


Wakefield, MA

Joining Tonneson’s audit department in 2001, Erin is a seasoned professional with over 23 years of experience. As a shareholder at Tonneson, she plays a vital role and co-leads the firm’s Client Accounting and Advisory Services department. With a passion for serving non-profit organizations and privately held companies across diverse industries, Erin is a true champion for her clients.

Erin is also a key player in Tonneson’s Quality Control department, where she meticulously reviews financial statements before they are issued. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures that every client receives the highest standard of service.

Erin holds the prestigious title of CPA and earned her BBA with a concentration in accounting from the University of New Hampshire. As an active member of the Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MassCPAs) and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), Erin stays up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Beyond her professional achievements, Erin is deeply committed to making a positive impact in her community. She serves as the treasurer of Communitas, a remarkable nonprofit organization that provides individualized, family-centered services and support for people of all abilities. Her dedication to giving back is truly inspiring. Erin’s motivation comes from being part of a team. She thrives in collaborative environments, working closely with colleagues and clients to achieve shared goals. Erin’s genuine desire to make a difference shines through in everything she does.


Get to know Erin Coco

When she's not diving into audits and financial statements, Erin enjoys the great outdoors. Camping and skiing are among her favorite activities, allowing her to recharge and embrace nature's beauty. And speaking of favorite things, Erin's ultimate vacation spot is none other than Disney! She loves immersing herself in the magic and joy of the happiest place on earth. Above all, Erin cherishes spending quality time with her family. She proudly supports her daughter in her sports meets and events, celebrating her achievements and creating cherished memories.