Alexander Bockus


Assurance services Business tax Non-profits Manufacturing and Distribution

Headshot of Alex Bockus, a Manager at Tonneson and Co.

Wakefield, MA

Alex is an Audit Manager who joined Tonneson in 2015, bringing with him over eight years of professional experience. His expertise lies in Assurance Services, Business Tax, Nonprofit, Manufacturing, and Distribution, with a focus on Audit Readiness for clients in the non-profit industry, as well as manufacturing and distribution clients.

Alex holds a BS in accounting and finance, as well as an MS in accounting, both earned from the University of New Hampshire. As a member of the Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MassCPAs), he stays connected to the accounting profession and actively contributes to the firm’s recruiting activities, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring professionals.

Driven by personal growth and development, Alex finds motivation in the journey of becoming a better version of himself. He is dedicated to honing his skills and expertise to better serve his clients and provide them with high-quality assurance services.

With his strong background in audit and his commitment to continuous improvement, Alex brings a valuable perspective and skill set to his role as an Audit Manager. He strives to deliver exceptional service to his clients and contribute to their success.

Get to know Alexander Bockus

Beyond his professional pursuits, Alex enjoys attending sporting events and spending time with friends. He also loves Aruba, which is one of his favorite vacation destinations.