Melina Gallo

Tax Administrator

Melina Gallo

Wakefield, MA

Melina is a skilled Tax Administrator who joined Tonneson’s administrative department in 2023. With over seven years of professional experience, Melina plays a vital role on our administrative team, ensuring smooth operations and providing valuable support. In her role, Melina handles various administrative tasks, including billing support, time entry review/reporting, office inventory management, mail delivery, and other essential office support functions. Her attention to detail and organizational skills contribute to the efficient functioning of our team. 

Melina graduated from Northeast Metro Tech High School, with a cosmetology license. Melina’s motivation stems from her strong bond with her family and her commitment to personal growth. She constantly strives to improve herself, always keeping her future self in mind.  

Melina’s enthusiasm, commitment to personal growth, and love for adventure make her an exceptional addition to the Tonneson team. Her contributions and positive attitude are valued and appreciated by both colleagues and clients. 

Get to know Melina Gallo

Beyond her professional pursuits, Melina has a passion for exploring the world through travel. She embraces opportunities to visit new places and gain diverse experiences. In her free time, she indulges in the vibrant atmosphere of concerts and music events, appreciating the power of live performances. Melina also enjoys attending local comedy shows. As a huge dog lover, she cherishes the companionship of her beloved pets, an old English bulldog and a Dachshund.