Kim Marcella

Director of Human Resources

Employee Relations Talent Acquisition Coaching Career Development

Headshot of Kim Marcella, the Director of Human Resources at Tonneson and Co.

Wakefield, MA

Kim is a highly experienced and accomplished professional serving as the Director of Human Resources at Tonneson. She joined Tonneson in 2011 and brings over 25 years of expertise to her role. Kim’s areas of specialization encompass a wide range of human resources functions, including employee relations, talent acquisition, coaching, career development, benefits, training, performance management, compensation, and legal compliance. 

As a proven team-builder, Kim fosters a positive and collaborative work environment. Her management style is centered around creativity and finding innovative solutions to challenges. In her leadership role, she oversees all aspects of human resources at Tonneson, including talent acquisition, career development, employee relations, and compliance. 

Kim’s commitment to professional growth is reflected in her memberships in prominent industry organizations such as the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), New England Human Resources Association (NEHRA), and World at Work. Additionally, she is actively involved in giving back to the community through her volunteer work.

With her extensive experience, expertise, and dedication to community involvement, Kim plays a vital role in fostering a positive and supportive work environment at Tonneson. Her commitment to both the professional growth of the organization and the betterment of the community exemplifies her valuable contributions to the firm. 

Get to know Kim Marcella

Kim dedicates her time and efforts to organizations like The Angel Fund for ALS Research, The ALS & MS Walk for Living, and The ALS Association. Her motivation to support nonprofit organizations stems from her heartfelt connection to their causes. Notably, she serves as an Advisory Board Member for The Angel Fund for ALS Research and contributes to raising awareness through various events.