Jody Booth



S corps

Headshot of Jody Booth, a Director at Tonneson and Co.

Maywood, NJ

Jody is a Director at Tonneson and joined the tax department in 2021 with over 32 years of experience in the financial industry. Jody’s areas of specialization revolve around nonprofit organizations and high-net-worth individuals, and she possesses a comprehensive understanding of tax matters related to Partnerships and S-Corps. Her well-rounded skill set allows her to excel as a generalist in the field. 

With a strong background in training and mentoring, Jody plays a vital role in developing educational materials and imparting knowledge to her colleagues. Her passion for teaching extends beyond the firm, as she has served as an adjunct professor, sharing her expertise in accounting and personal finance with working adults in college courses. 

Jody is an Enrolled Agent, demonstrating her commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards. She holds a BS in business administration with a concentration in accounting and an MBA from Norwich University. Residing in Maywood, NJ, Jody is conveniently located near her three grown children, allowing her to maintain strong family ties. 

Get to know Jody Booth

Outside of work, Jody indulges in various hobbies and interests. As an avid reader, she enjoys exploring diverse literary genres and expanding her knowledge. Additionally, she finds solace and joy in gardening, embracing her role as an amateur gardener. Jody's enthusiasm extends to embarking on new home improvement projects, where she can unleash her creativity and enhance her living space.